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Never at a loss for ego detailing highlights of my life, here's what I'm currently up to:

1. Coasting through life and having fun doing it.

2. My main hangout; mostly humor, friend me on Facebook
(Nothing is shown publicly...)

3. My book review blog: The North Country Review of Books

4. My photography blog: Outpost Andromeda (Coming in June of 2016)

5. My group participation blog novel: Colony: Alchibah (Now completed)

6. Other writings: The Ex-Earth Colonies (More to come very soon.)

7. My blog, Alphecca is currently inactive but might
become active again in the near future.

8. Did you know that I help finance indie-movies? My IMDb credits so far

9. I've been quoted by Fox News. Examples:

   a) Regarding blogospheric gun rights activism.

   b) Regarding Republican candidates and the 2nd Amendment.

   c) Regarding the NICS improvement bill that passed Congress in June, 2007.

But enough about me. So...What do you think about me?

In my life I have been a club jock at NY metro area discos, a night auditor for a large resort, managed a training store for software sales franchisees, managed sales for a large fence company, and managed the website sales for a large furniture company. I'm a high school graduate. Currently, I offer copy-editing services for self-publishing authors on Amazon at rates far below what most freelancers do.

Thanks for stopping by!

If you'd like to contact me, my email is:

jeff (at) jeffsoyer (dot) com

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